Meeting Minutes

2017/2018 season

January 10th Meeting Minutes

November 1 Meeting Minutes

September 27 Meeting Minutes

September 6 Meeting Minutes

August 2nd Meeting Minutes

June 9 Meeting Minutes

May 3rd Meeting Minutes


2016/2017 season

April 4th Meeting Minutes
March 8th Meeting Minutes
February 1st Meeting Minutes
October 5th Meeting Minutes
September 19th Meeting Minutes
September 7th Meeting Minutes
August 17th Meeting Minutes

2015/2016 season
April 13 AGM Meeting Minutes
February 16th Meeting Minutes
January 13th Meeting Minutes
November 11th Meeting Minutes
September Special Meeting
September 16 Meeting Minutes
August 12 Meeting Minutes
May 27 meeting minutes
2014/2015 season
April 8 AGM Meeting Minutes
Mar 25 Meeting Minutes
Feb 25 Meeting Minutes
Jan 28 Meeting Minutes
Dec 8 Meeting Minutes
Oct 29 Meeting Minutes
Sept 10 Meeting Minutes
August 13th Meeting Minutes
June 18th Meeting Minutes
May 28th Meeting Minutes
2013/2014 season
April 30th Meeting Minutes
April 16th AGM Meeting minutes
March 26th 2014 Meeting
March 2014 meeting minutes
February 2014 meeting minutes
January 2014 Special Meeting
November 2013 meeting minutes
October 2013 meeting minutes
September 2013 meeting minutes
August 2013 meeting minutes
July 2013 meeting minutes
June 2013 meeting minutes

2012/2013 season
April 2013 meeting minutes 
AGM 2012-2013 minutes
March  Minutes
Financial  Report
February  Minutes
Financial  Report
January  Minutes
December  Minutes
November  Minutes
October  Minutes
Fundraising  Report Sept 12 2012
Director  in Chief Report
CAHL  Reort Sept 12 2012
August  22nd minutes

2011/2012 season
2012  AGM
DMHA  Special Meeting March 2012
DMHA  Minutes Feb, 2012
DMHA  Minutes Jan, 2012
DMHA  Minutes Nov 9,  2011
DMHA Minutes  Aug 2011              

2010/2011 season
DMHA  Minutes June 28, 2011
AGM  Meeting for 2010-2011 Season

2009/2010 season
DMHA  Meeting January 6th 2010.pdf
December  2009 Meeting Minutes.pdf
DMHA  meeting October 7, 2009.pdf
DMHA  Board Meeting September 15, 2009.pdf

2008/2009 season
DMHA  AGM Minutes April 14 2009.pdf
DMHA  Minutes Mar 4 2009.pdf
DMHA  Minutes Feb 9, 2009pdf
DMHA  Minutes Jan 19, 2009..pdf
DMHA  Minutes Dec 8 2008.pdf
DMHA  Minutes Nov 3 2008.pdf
DMHA  Minutes October 20 2008.pdf
DMHA  Minutes Oct 8 2008 _2_.pdf
DMHA  Minutes Sept 9 2008 _2_.pdf

                January 13th Meeting Minutes

Thank you Tim Hortons for your support.

Upcoming Events

Nov. 09, 2018 to Nov. 11, 2018

DMHA Atom Tournament
Didsbury Arena

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Jan. 04, 2019 to Jan. 06, 2019

DMHA Novice Tournament

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