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Conditioning Camp and Evaluation Schedule

Please see the attached schedule for conditioning camp and evaluation times. If you have any questions please reply to this email.  Thank You
DMHA Board of Volunteers


(The Atom evaluation game on September 27th is from 12-1:30)
Posted on 08/27/2015

Equipment Swap

Just a reminder that we are having an equipment swap tomorrow night from 5-7 at the arena.  Anyone interested in selling or buying equipment is more that welcome to come.  If you have any questions please call Andrea @ 403-507-9637
Thank You
DMHA Board of Volunteers 

Posted on 08/20/2015

Fitness Tax Receipt

Please note that you can print off your fitness tax receipt by logging into the ramp registration page.   Contact Andrea @ if you have any questions.

DMHA Board of Volunteers 

Posted on 01/27/2015

Bad behaviour drives refs from hockey

Please read the following article and remember to treat our young refs in a way you would expect your child to be treated.


Posted on 01/26/2015

Please Read

Good morning everybody, now that the season has begun and most things have been organized for the year, we would like to remind everybody of a few things. 


1.      There are RESPECT signs around arena, stop and take a look, read them and consider their message. 

2.       If you have a grievance that you think should be escalated to the board level and a formal investigation should follow, please send it through email to

3.       If you have a complaint or concern regarding your child’s hockey season please wait the appropriate 24hrs, if it is still something that you feel needs to be addressed please go to your manager and they can address your concerns or pass it to the appropriate member. 

4.       Volunteer Board members are not to be approached in the arena or any other public setting and harassed regarding your concern with the your child’s activity.  If you need to speak to a certain board member regarding Minor Hockey please respect their time spent with their own children and their children’s activity and email them to request a meeting at their convenience or request an audience at the next board meeting.

5.       If you have a problem with the evaluation process or your child's position after the evaluation process and, after the 24hr period, feel the need for it to be addressed or reviewed please email and a Volunteer Board member will get back to you regarding your concern.

6.       Most Importantly, let your kids have fun, encourage FAIR and RESPECTFUL play, appreciate our youthful Coaches and Officials, and support the Managers, Coaches, Board Volunteers as they are spending the effort to supply your children with an organized, high energy, exciting activity that not only builds young hockey players but provides our community with respectable young people that learn to contribute back to the community in which they reside.


Thank you for your attention regarding this matter

DMHA Board of Volunteers

Posted on 11/10/2014

Parent Pledge

Attached to this email is a Parent’s Pledge.  Before the “Respect in Sport” program this was required to be signed by every parent of every player in DMHA.  It is the feeling of the board that some of the parents of players in this association have strayed from the intent of the “Respect in Sport” program and that an annual reminder needs to be re-established, mainly the treatment of board members, managers and coaches by parents, coaches and managers.  Remember that this is a game for your children and that everybody involved in organizing this activity is a volunteer and is doing their best to create a positive experience for your child.  So please print and sign the attached form and hand it back into your manager by November 15, 2014. 

Any members that violate this pledge will be subject to action from the DMHA board, actions could include suspension from your child’s hockey activities or all DMHA events.

Thank you for your consideration regarding this matter.

Thank you

DMHA Board of Volunteers


DMHA Parents Pledge


Posted on 11/07/2014

Coaching Certificates

Wondering what kind of coaching certificates you need for your level?  Check here to find out!
Posted on 11/03/2012

Help with Hockey Expenses

Having a son or daughter in minor hockey is expensive.  There are organizations that can help, Canadian Tire's Jump Start and Kidsport.  

Information on Jump Start can be found at Kidsport applications are available at the front entrance of the arena on the wire display rack.  
Posted on 10/24/2011